Interview with Gared Dirge (Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar) from Lord of the Lost

Over 8 years Lord of the Lost became an essential part of gothic culture, you visited different countries, including the USA. What are your plans for 2015 year?

Gared: Our main event and what we're looking forward to the most will be our acoustic tour, which will happen over the course of April. It's something we haven't done before and it's gonna be mind-blowing for us and presumably also for the fans. Besides that, we're very excited to play in Italy again in May as well as awesome summer festivals like Blackfield, Wacken and M'era Luna. Of course, there will be an extended headliner tour again later this year, but right now it's still too early to talk about details.

A few years ago you started a nice tradition – episodes on band’s YouTube channel “TV Of The Lost”. Do you still like to shoot them?

Gared: Of course we do, otherwise we wouldn't do it. Basically, what you see in those episodes is just us in our normal (sometimes slightly silly) way of behavior, we don't have to act or anything. It's all natural, so there's nothing not to like about that.

Do you remember getting on stage for the first time? What were the emotions?

Gared: I can't speak for the other guys, but for me my first time on stage with Lord Of The Lost has been a well-balanced mix of “holy fuck, I'm super nervous!” (which I'm usually not at all!) and “YEAH, this is gonna be the coolest thing I've ever done!”. I've been on stage with bands before a lot, mostly behind the drum kit and vibraphone, but only a few times as a keyboarder/pianist, although I've been learning all of those instruments from a very early age on. So that was a fairly new experience for me.

Lord of the Lost has been performing with tons of various bands on the same stage, but, maybe, you still have some bands you wish to perform with?

Gared: I think there are a lot of bands and artists we'd love to perform with and it's hard to pick a favorite, but I'd go with some female shouter band (or just the singer) like “Arch Enemy” or “In This Moment”. I've kinda been getting into that sort of stuff lately.

Every band has a lot of funny stories with fans. Can you share some of them?

Gared: I'd consider it unfair on the respective fan(s) to tell funny stories, to be honest...

On 20.03.2015 will be released your new Album “Swan Songs” – 8 new Songs and 13 Band Hits all in symphonic version. Please tell us about work with this album and how this Idea comes to you? You last album was more metal oriented, so the style change is very big.

Gared: The style change is not that big if you consider that a lot of our songs base on classical/symphonic elements. And, of course, this is not the style we plan on maintaining, it's more like a one-off special album. But yeah, regarding our last regular album, it surely is a big difference. But 2015 is going to be the year of extremes for us anyway. First our acoustic album, then, in late summer, we're gonna release what we like to call a Metal-EP, which will be more in the vein of our last album. So there's no regular Lord Of The Lost this year but “only” really really mellow or, later on, kick-ass hard and loud. That was our general idea. Working on the album was quite adventurous. I had the pleasure to re-arrange our songs into a complete new guise together with the guy who has contributed classical arrangements to several of our songs and albums before. It's been a great way of working and it was indeed very informative for me in terms of classical arrangement. I learned a lot about it during the making of the album, more than I've ever learned before. So it was kinda self-serving as well, just as a side-effect.

You will play this year on Blackfield Festival. Will you play acoustic program? What are you expecting from this show? Will you prepare some surprises for you fans?

Gared: Well, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I told it here, right? ;-)
But no, we're not gonna play our acoustic set at Blackfield Festival. It's gonna be a regular rock show and we're really looking forward to it. The last time we played there was fantastic and of course we want to make it even more fantastic this time. But we don't have any specific expectations. That's not how we approach shows. We always give at least 150%, but never expect anything special. That's the best way to keep the fun at a top level, which is by far the most important factor!

And in the end a few words to our readers.

Gared: A few words? Any random words? Ok, how about... floor... printer cartridge... car... door knob... gas station... cheese... pencil... Ok seriously: Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and hopefully see you at Blackfield Festival or anywhere else on the road! We'll be there. Will you?

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