StaubkindPure emotions expressed in honest German lyrics and wrapped in moving Rock tunes that merge hard guitars, an immersive atmosphere, anthemic melodies and a charismatic voice - the Staubkind phenomenon aims straight for the heart! Singer and guitarist Louis Manke has long been driven by the idea of creating Rock music that feels “real” without bordering on kitsch, that is energetic without trying to emulate Teen clichés. Thus, he formed Staubkind in 2003. The band released 2 popular albums and singles, performed at many of the major festivals of the Gothic scene, played several highly successful headliner tours and managed to win over audiences supporting many famous acts. Their third album “Staubkind”, produced by Unheilig producer Henning Verlage, was firmly grounded in the German album charts for 9 weeks while the lads supported Unheilig on all dates of their massive “Lichter der Stadt” tour by special invitation from Der Graf, playing themselves into the heart of the audience at every single arena. “Staubkind” also charted in Austria, suddenly having the group emerge as one of THE success stories in German Alternative Rock music in 2012! The following headliner tour through Germany and Austria is now seamlessly continuing the path of success the band has embarked upon: a major part of the shows are sold out weeks in advance, with the Berliners playing to enthusiastic and thoroughly excited audiences wherever they turn up. In a world dominated by casting show products and fake Pop starlets, Staubkind efficiently hit a nerve and have managed to settle in a pigeonhole of their own: massively rocking, yet highly empathic. Deep and heartfelt. Intimate and cinematic. I am a dust child (=Staubkind)... and you?

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