Dear Blackfield community,

after the VIP upgrade was once again sold out in no time, we are very happy to announce the last bands and thus the complete line up of our Blackfield Festival 2015.

Their latest album SCHOCK propelled them to the top of the charts and some of you might have seen them live on stage in the last few day - of course, we are talking about this year's headliner: EISBRECHER. You will be able to experience songs such as „Schwarze Witwe“, „This is Deutsch“, „Verrückt“, „Miststück“ or „Zwischen uns“ live at the beautiful and atmospheric Amphitheater - certainly one of the highlights of the Blackfield Festival 2015.

Unfortunately, the horror punk band SILENT HORROR have ceased to exist but we are convinced that FRANK THE BAPTIST will be worthy successors. Furthermore we are proud to announce HERZFEIND who are happy to present their idea of musical provocation to the Blackfield audience. The last slot in the billing was given to LEGEND. They will come to Gelsenkirchen with a new album and certainly present some older smash hits as well.

Rock Fanatics